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“You Call Me Beautiful” by Planetshakers
Live in Melbourne

Download “You Call Me Beautiful” by the Planetshakers, which was recorded live in Melbourne, Australia from their album titled Legacy.

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Resourceful issue

Resourceful is designed to inspire and equip your involvement in the local church in three key areas: learning resources, music, and global initiatives. Published three times per year, it enhances your opportunity for knowledge and support of what’s happening in the global Church, in partnership with David C Cook.

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Answers to Pastors’ FAQs
By Howard F. Sugden & Warren W. Wiersbe

Drawing on their combined wealth of experiences pastoring a wide variety of churches, Pastors Warren Wiersbe and Howard Sugden tackle practical questions such as – How can I determine whether I am called to the ministry, and how important is the assurance of a special call? How can I get started on the right foot in a new place of ministry? How do you go about removing “dead” officers and teachers? How can we best assimilate new converts and new members to the church family? How can I be a faithful pastor. husband, and father all at the same time?

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(un)Natural Mom
Why You Are the Perfect Mom for Your Kids

All moms know those moments when shame and dread wash over us because we have fallen short of the ideal of the Natural Mother. In (un)Natural Mom, you’ll find out how to determine your parenting temperament so you can fully embrace God’s design for you – and understand why you are the perfect mom for your kids.

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5 Elements at the Heart of Every Children’s Ministry

The important work of partnering with parents to guide kids toward a heart for God demands excellence. As we seek to build the kingdom of God, inviting the youngest among us to know and follow Jesus, learn which five elements must be at the heart of every children’s ministry.

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Story of Jesus
Reaching Youth, Impacting Lives, Transforming Nations

God is calling you to win your nation’s youth to Christ, but HOW will you do it? Youth under 18 are more responsive to the Gospel than adults by a margin of 4 to 1 In our current digital age, youth prefer learning through more visual content and fewer words Thousands are responding to the Good… Read more »

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