Family ministry leaders want to inspire parents to be the spiritual guides for their children. For parents to be effective spiritual leaders, they need to understand their leadership and aspire to join a movement of parents modeling faith in the home. In family ministry, we need to ask: Are we teaching and transferring leadership skills to parents?

Do you believe in what you do? Every day? Do you rise every morning and work through the day, thinking of ways to help parents become spiritual leaders? If yes, then you have completed the first step. Believe and have faith in what God is showing you.

In Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us, Seth Godin said, “Leaders have followers.… Leaders make change.”1 How effectively are you doing as a leader to parents? Have you looked behind and beside you to see if parents have embraced your ideas for family ministry? If you desire to equip parents to be spiritual leaders in their homes, here are a few truths Seth Godin shares that have stuck with me:

  • You have to make a ruckus. People have to be curious about what you are doing at family events and in other areas of your ministry—curious enough to come and see. You want people to talk about what God is doing through you.
  • Encourage parents to embrace their roles. Your church will alter as parents discover their responsibility as spiritual leaders.
  • Parents’ gifts and attitudes are essential. Parents need you to help them discover the skills that God has instilled in them; your authority won’t change them as much as the gifts that God has already provided.
  • Inspire a passion in families to connect. Parents need moments connecting with other families over new ideas. Review publications like HomeFront Magazine that suggest ways to bring families together.

Families may initially fear the opportunities and ideas you bring to them because they appear risky. Remember that even a small change now can create a large shift in future generations. Over time, families will discover how to lead their children, and you will find you have become a leader of many leaders.

Along with Tribes, awaken the families in your church with Spiritual Parenting by Dr. Michelle Anthony and the Tru curriculum published by David C Cook. Both resources are transformative, empowering, and guide parents in ministry to their children.


  1. Seth Godin, Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us (New York: Portfolio, 2008), 14.