I love God, and that’s not just like, a saying. But I want to love him more, and I want to know how to love him more. I want to take a simple truth that I know and I want to go deeper in it. So the places or my tendencies—where I run to other places to find truth elsewhere—that those truths that I already know would become so deep in my soul that I would no longer run after other people for things like love.
Because I know we all know that God is love, but do we know? You don’t have to run to find it anywhere else. And guess what, God wants to use you to share that love with others. In fact, I believe that anything that happens to you is not meant to stop with you but is always meant to go through you and into the life of another. That includes your past, that includes your gifts, that includes anything that happens in church this morning. It’s never meant to stop with you, because if it did we would have stopped on page three.

In fact my life illustration—I think about this often—is that of a cup. And I metaphorically always loved loving people and I remember from a young age that I knew God was love. So I knew I was supposed to love God and love others so I would run around and I’d splash love on people, and you know, love them. And then I would run over here and splash love, and then, you know, balcony, I see you, splash love on them and then—let me know if you relate—what I would then do is that I would hold out my now empty cup to be filled up by other people. And if they liked me I felt filled up, if I succeeded I felt filled up. If I was the best or better than or impressive or … you fill the blank. But what happens when they don’t? What happens when things shatter?

Here’s what I want: I want us to understand this morning. Because Jesus claims He’s living water and He claims that it’s something different than temporary. Because if you notice, sometimes people’s love and excitement satisfies, but just for a moment. Enough to keep you coming back. And isn’t it interesting that the people that you sometimes run to are holding out their empty cups in your direction.
Here’s what I want this morning: for us to take our cup away from the direction of people, places, your job, or anything else, and tilt it upward like the way a cup was designed to sit. So that, as Paul prayed, we would be filled to the measure of all the fullness of Him, that we might walk out these doors and overflow. You know what that might look like? Let me paint a picture of what’s possible.

It’s possible for you to walk out these doors and into any social setting and not wait to be loved, not wait to find acceptance, not wait to find significance—because you already have it. So much so that you overflow, so you just love people. And then they don’t care about you. And then you just love people, and then they are just waiting for you to love them. And then you just love them and love them, and one day they might look at you, and, by the grace of God, He lets you have a picture of them going, “Why do you keep loving me? I don’t deserve it.” You go, “Oh, praise the Lord, neither do I.” That we might look like Christ when we walk out these doors.

So if you’re someone who has their cup pointed in the direction of your career or you have your cup pointed in the direction of people, your family—or your ideal perfect family—if you have it in any other direction this morning as you walked in and you just want more of Him, empty yourself of you. Because the world doesn’t need you, but it needs him. And you’ll be able to relate the minute you recognize you do too.

So if that’s you, you want to tilt your cup. By the way, imagine Niagra Falls in this baby cup. That’s what God wants to do this morning. So if that’s you, maybe you want to put your hands out in front of you—a physical posture to reflect an inner soul of just wanting more of Him. Empty yourself for more of Him.
So Heavenly Father I pray for more of You, and I pray for You to reveal these truths in such a way that we could walk out transformed. I don’t have the power to do that so I pray, God, would You move? Especially the people in this room who might count themselves out—God, go after them like You went after her in the passage we have today. God, would You peel back layers and meet us exactly where we’re at? We love You. And all God’s children said, “Amen.”