There are so many awesome ways that we can reach into God’s Word to uncover more of His truth. Let’s dig into three ways we can discover more with our kids.

1. Memorize God’s Word

Hands down, memorization is one of the best ways to soak up Scripture. Practically every kidmin curriculum provides a memory or “remember it” verse and learning method with each lesson.

For example, the newly updated Bible-in-Life uses hand motions, sing-alongs, and word games to engage kids, from little learners on up—making Scripture memory a priority.

With older kids and adults, consider weekly verses that add up to an entire chapter—such as 2 Peter 1 or James 1—over the course of the fall or spring. Note cards are great for writing one verse at a time, and they’re easy to stash in the car or in a backpack for daily review.

Don’t let memorization be intimidating. Make the experience upbeat and encouraging. If there’s competition, keep it friendly.

For a unique guest speaker, check out Keith Ferrin, a former youth and worship pastor who offers unique word-for-word storytelling presentations of Scripture. And for more tech-savvy Scripture memory ideas, read on.

2. Click God’s Word

Kids as young as age eight spend an average of five hours a day consuming online and digital media on computers, tablets, and smartphones. For teens, the time increases to nearly nine hours.

Wouldn’t you like to capture some of those hours in God’s Word? Encourage kids and their parents to take advantage of Bible websites and apps. And if your church has wireless access in classrooms or a common area, use online options as part of group interaction.

You can find Scripture memory and Bible apps by the dozen for kids, teens, and adults. Apps with study helps may cost a few dollars, but most are free. The Bible App for Kids is a great app you can download for free.

Choose digital Bible tools as a supplement to the printed Word, not a substitute. Apps are known to increase Bible use, but research confirms that nine in ten adults and seven in ten teens—even those who seem permanently attached to their smartphones—still prefer to reach for the Good Book.

3. Record God’s Word

Speaking of smartphones, why not take advantage of them to make short videos? You don’t have to get complicated. Kids are already comfortable with their young peers on YouTube channels that attract millions of views. You can bring in some teen volunteers if you need extra help.

Kids could take a selfie approach or record one another as they quote a memory verse or talk about what it means to them. Better yet, ask the kids for their recording ideas. They may come up with something you’d never think of. This generation loves to create content, not just consume it. They’ll absorb God’s Word in the process.

Memorize, click, and record—three simple ways that we can uncover God’s truth with kids!

David C Cook works to bring you solutions for uncovering God’s truth with kids. Bible-in-Life is an awesome curriculum that works toward spiritual growth in every stage through Bible-based lessons. With a focus on real-life application, Bible-in-Life communicates the gospel with life-changing clarity. Another remarkable resource is The Good Book for Kids. This kids’ book is a friendly guide to biblical basics every kid should know.