Restoring a Fractured Family – #GivingTuesday 2018

How a young Ivory Coast daughter helped bring her family back together.   As Giving Tuesday 2018 approaches, we would like to share a story of transformation with you that only God could make happen. In its second year using Life on Life discipleship curriculum, the Bonoumin Assembly church in Ivory Coast has seen and felt the… Read more »

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Bible Engagement for Preteens

The Hard Reality Reading the Bible feels overwhelming, even deciding which one to purchase is difficult. Most people who enter a store looking for a Bible leave without finding one. They get lost in the stacks and rows of versions and styles that are displayed. But once preteens do find one or are given one,… Read more »

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6 Ways to HIGH-FIVE Volunteers

Volunteers. The priceless, wonderful, selfless people at your church who dive right in to whatever craziness you ask of them. The ones who are there early and who clean up late. The ones, who—no matter how many times they’ve been knocked down—keep showing up! They are key in keeping the church wheels moving. Most days,… Read more »

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Crying child
Finding the “off button” for crying kids

Do you know your child’s personality type? With Easter events behind us, I was again touched by how hard it must have been for our Father to hear the cries of a world dead in sin and ravished by evil, but also the cry of His only Son in agony, shame and abandonment on that… Read more »

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Sad Woman Grief
The Grief of Rejection

Rejection brings it’s own grief. The realization you are no longer wanted or fit in someone’s life (and heart) anymore is unbearably painful. As much as grief hurts and hurls us away from our marriage—and life as we knew it—we must face grief as we move through the pain. It is slowly moving forward, awkwardly… Read more »

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Close up Portrait Woman Divorce
Self-Perception During Divorce

I looked in the mirror that morning and I’m not sure who I saw or how in the world I got here. But here I was, and no makeup could cover what I was feeling. No wardrobe that would lift me out of this depth. How had this happened? Divorce. I was beaten down and… Read more »

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Why Should I Choose Mediation
Why Should I Choose Mediation?

“Just let the courts decide,” she said in her frustration and anger. I winced in that mediation and every time I hear someone surrender their decisions to the courts. She had no knowledge or experience to back up what she was saying. She made some big assumptions that the courts would rule in her favor…. Read more »

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Woman looking out window dreams
Dreams Can Still Happen

Sam and Diane parted ways after thirty-four years of marriage. Sam was in the bewildered, lost phase of divorce. His dreams were shattered, and he was lost as to how to pick up the pieces. He shared them one night in our divorce recovery group. One of those dreams was the purchase of their property… Read more »

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Man with outstretched arms worship
The Posture of Worship

Leading worship is one of the most freeing things I experience as a follower of Christ. In those moments, I join with my community to sing about and lift up the name above all names. But worship is more than those sweet moments together. It’s a way of life. It’s doing all things as though… Read more »

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Small Group Lesson for Kids: How God Used Lions
God has used animals to make himself and his purposes known. Because God has done some remarkable things through his furry, fuzzy, and funny creations. With this lesson, and others like it, you’ll help kids link Bible truths they need with the animals they love. So get ready to have some fun! You’ll help change young... Read more »
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