Sad Woman Sitting on Bench
Seven Ways to Heal Your Wounded Heart

Perhaps you wonder if healing is really possible. Whether it’s physical, emotional, or spiritual healing, we’re all desperately searching for relief. On November 5, 2006, a drunk driver traveling more than eighty miles per hour struck our van head-on. In an instant, my husband, my two children, and I were physically broken, crushed in countless… Read more »

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Smiling Child VBS
Top 10 Tips for Planning VBS!

While VBS is usually “only” a weeklong event, the impact of this program reaches far and wide into the lives of kids and families within your community. The coolest part? This reach may ultimately have eternal impact! The planning that goes into this special event takes time and attention. And it is so worth it!… Read more »

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Family Devotions Studying the Bible
Three Myths about Family Devotions: Bringing the Bible to Life at Home

“It is a sin to bore people with the Gospel.” —attributed to Howard Hendricks What first comes to mind when you read these two words placed side by side—family devotions? Reluctance or intrigue? Frustration or encouragement? Guilt or joy? If you’re like most busy Christian dads and moms today, the thought of personal devotions is… Read more »

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The Noisy Kids and the Kingdom of God: The Honor Factor

A bunch of noisy kids once taught me something unforgettable about the kingdom of God. I will not soon forget the lesson. It happened on an airplane at about ten thousand feet. The night Pamela and I took our seats to fly from Tampa to Lima, Peru, I had reason to be concerned from the… Read more »

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Six Things Positive People Do Every Day

When the situations of life don’t “feel” positive, it’s often hard to think positive. But fortunately, it’s not impossible.   Being a positive thinker doesn’t mean living with a Pollyanna/rose-colored-glasses mentality. It simply means choosing to intentionally look for the best in things and find reasons to be positive, rather than intentionally or even inadvertently… Read more »

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Six Questions Every Kidmin Leader Should Ask When Evaluating Curriculum

As you consider choosing curriculum for your children’s program, these questions can guide you and provide a great framework for your team discussion.   Is It Based on the Bible? The Bible is the foundation on which a solid curriculum is built. Especially with the decline in biblical literacy, it’s more important than ever to… Read more »

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looking down on a city at night
How Can a Church Impact Culture?

Ever wonder how to make a lasting impact on your community? Well, Alan Platt has spent the majority of his life figuring out the answer to that very question. Since 1983 Alan’s life has been full-time ministry. Doxa Deo in his home city of Pretoria, South Africa, grew from a meager congregation into a flourishing… Read more »

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kids reading bible with mom
Three Ways to Uncover God’s Truth with Kids

There are so many awesome ways that we can reach into God’s Word to uncover more of His truth. Let’s dig into three ways we can discover more with our kids. 1. Memorize God’s Word Hands down, memorization is one of the best ways to soak up Scripture. Practically every kidmin curriculum provides a memory… Read more »

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man leading a small group
6 Tips To Become A More Effective Small Group Leader

Effective Small Group Leadership Recently I had the opportunity to attend a lunch for small group leaders. We meet about once a month for training, check-in, and ministry updates. This time the focus was on hearing updates from each leader. As we heard what was working well in each group, we learned how to be… Read more »

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wall of books in a library
A Conversation with Warren Wiersbe on Bible Study

Warren Wiersbe shares why reading the Bible should never be boring and what motivated him to write Delights and Disciplines of Bible Study   Interviewer: Doctor Wiersbe, help us understand what drives your passion to continue to write? Warren Wiersbe: Well writing to me is a ministry. I’m not an athlete, I’m not a mechanic. I can’t… Read more »

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