Divine Interruptions

“Pastor, I need counseling …” I admit in my early years of ministry nothing ruined a good day of doing the Lord’s work faster than hearing those four dreaded words. My attitude was the culprit. What do you mean you need counseling? Didn’t you just hear the forty-five-minute sermon on how to rise above your… Read more »

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5 Things Only Mothers of Boys Would Understand

Ah, boys. Where head-butts, bodily noise jokes, and near-death antics never lose their luster. Before any woman is blessed with a male fruit of her loin, she’s at least mildly prepared for the chaos. After witnessing nephews or friends with sons, she knows that boys are wild, messy, and full of more energy than a… Read more »

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5 Keys to Increase Bible Engagement In Your Church

Pastors, when was the last time you heard something similar to the following statements in reference to God’s Word? “It’s too intimidating.” “It’s just boring.” “It doesn’t relate to my real life.” Recent, nationwide studies on Bible engagement confirm what many of us have already realized: while Americans, and Christians, as a whole believe the… Read more »

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I love God, and that’s not just like, a saying. But I want to love him more, and I want to know how to love him more. I want to take a simple truth that I know and I want to go deeper in it. So the places or my tendencies—where I run to other… Read more »

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