tragedy Oklahoma
Delhi or Oklahoma:Helping Children Process Trauma

Love in action: This is what we’re witnessing in Moore, Oklahoma. The outpouring of help in the wake of this tornado is something we expect of our fellow citizens, and yet it never fails to provide hope to those of us standing in the wings. 

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Group of Students
Restoring the other Half-a-Child:A Story of Redemptive Love

Sai Jyoti, Shweta, and Hari Priya have each other’s backs. The three sisters are clothed, fed, and sheltered in a Christian orphanage. Yet they are far from okay.

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innocence Lost
Human Rights at the Cross

Brain injuries and severe physical trauma from sexual abuse recently took the life of a 4-year old little girl in Ghansor, India. The murderer lured her from her home with the promise of bananas.

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Heavenly Father Adopts Orphaned Mother

Abandoned by her children, widowed several years, and with no family to speak of, Laxmi became an orphan at age 60. It’s a sad story with a miraculous, joy-filled ending.

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Russian Children
Family Rescued in Former Soviet Union

When you join in the cause to meet the spiritual hunger of children in war-torn, poor, and developing countries, you’ll hear tragic stories. It gets pretty dark. But the Gospel changes everything, and doors seen and unseen open, and light breaks through. Despair transforms into hope.

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Gem Stones Club Children
A World Without Orphans

Katyayani comes from a poor, devout Hindu family. Through a series of tragic circumstances she became orphaned. Yet this story has a happy ending, one filled with great hope for Katyayani, and for orphans in every country, on every continent.

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two Girls Smiling
Where Have All the Girls Gone?

‘Of genocidal proportions’ … this is the term the U.N. children’s agency, Unicef, uses to describe the 50 million women missing in India as a result of sex-selected abortion, infanticide, and trafficking.

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Indonesia-group-reaching for books
Indonesian Children Clamor for Story of Jesus

Tribal children watched as elders in a trance poured acid on their arms, slashed their tongues, and then were instantly healed by unseen spirits.

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The Boy Who Slept Too Much

Seven-year-old Rajen slept nearly all day, every day. Neighbors considered him a hard, unfriendly boy. But there’s always more to what people see on the outside – no one knew the battles Rajen fought on the inside.

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Heroes in a Cynical Age

Pastor Samuel is threatened daily. His family is intimidated. He is beaten on occasion. His church has been burned to the ground. Yet this hero of the faith persists in standing in the gap children for children in one of the most spiritually dark places on earth.

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