A Circle of Prayer for the Children of Bangladesh

Stroll through any discount retail outlet and you’ll find clothes made in Bangladesh. It leads the world in manufacturing cheap, ready-to-wear clothing; it’s also now known as home to the largest garment factory disaster in history. Bangladesh is one of the world’s 10 most populous countries and it’s also one of poorest.

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Darkness Tries to Stomp Out Light (John 1:5)

We can’t show their pictures. We can’t share their names. We can’t tell you what country they’re from. We can say they reside somewhere in Southeast Asia and sharing the Gospel landed them in a dark underground prison.

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Predatory Cat Attack Heals Family

Shapu is a bright teenager. His nomadic tribe chose him to further his education in a village only reachable by boat. The journey took 7 days down the Amazon River – and along the route a jaguar attack changed his life … forever. 

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kids of temple prostitutes
Stopping Rape – One Child at a Time

The headline read, “India Loses 3 Million Girls to Infanticide” (The Hindu, Oct. 9, 2012). This grisly revelation did not incite riots in India. The brutal gang rape of a young woman on Dec. 16 unleashed a sleeping giant, though. No one knows what act, event or headline will bring about lasting change.

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Christmas for the Blind

Hope for redemption and a relationship with God became possible through the birth of Jesus. It offered human beings not just the promise of eternity but abundant life on earth.

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Light Through Prison Doors

Shilpa’s father, blind and unable to care for her in the wake of her mother’s death, left the 8-year-old on her own. Capitalizing on the girl’s vulnerability, a neighbor forcibly took her to a brothel.

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Reaching the World’s Children At Risk

The girl pointed at one of the boys and yelled, “You can’t love Jesus. You worship the devil!” “Is this true?,” the teacher asked. The boy nodded and said, “On Saturdays my father takes us to a building downtown where we bow down to the devil.”

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Thanksgiving: Reflections on Death and Life

Many friends on Facebook are posting a reason to be grateful each day this Thanksgiving month. My list of thanks seems to be a mile long. To start, there is my faith in Jesus, my health, a warm bed, the love of family and friends, and a strong calling to ministry.

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The Action Bible: Sharper Than A Double-Edged Sword

Many of the world’s children have a rough start in life. Poverty, abuse and neglect rob them of a sense of self, a vision for a future, and a grasp on the present.

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Indian Boy
Jesus Steals Hearts

Children come to orphanages with every imaginable stripe of brokenness. They are created in the image of God, but that likeness is marred beyond recognition by sin. Jesus steals back hearts from the darkness. 

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