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This downloadable kit makes it simple for you to equip families with Bible story videos, conversation starters, and fun-filled activities that help them celebrate Jesus and connect with each other. It even includes an all-church family Christmas event that you can use to kick-off or close your Connected Christmas experience!

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With this kit, you'll save countless hours planning Christmas for your kids' ministry.

Here’s what you’ll have access to when you purchase the full kit:

  • Bible Story Videos & Scripts—you'll want these kid-focused videos that help families see God's story and giggle along the way
  • Weekly Family Episodes and Accompanying Resources—these include engaging activities families can do together each day
  • Celebration Event Guide and Planning Resources—use this event as a kick-off or close to your Connected Christmas

You’ll be able to download and customize all these resources to fit your ministry needs.

Don’t wait! With a minimal investment, you can have a full Christmas experience that your families will love.


What's included in the full kit?

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What's included in your free preview? 

-Leader Resources—glimpse inside to see how it all connects, from the all-church event to the at-home experience.

-Family Connection Resources—including the first at-home video episode!

-Promotional Materials—inspirational ideas for inviting families to celebrate advent and Christmas.
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Promotional Materials

In the kit, you’ll have plenty of resources to promote Connected Christmas, including information to post on your church’s website and social media pages. As part of the free preview, we're giving you the full promotional video and a downloadable script if you want to create your own!

Promo Video Script

Family Connection Resources

For each episode of Connected Christmas, families will get a fun and engaging Bible story video, a parent note, and activities the whole family will enjoy. The Overview and Activity Ideas for each episode can be given to families either digitally or physically (we’ll provide ideas for how!). 

Families can watch the Bible story video and then do 1 activity each day of the week (like Advent activities!), or they can space them out as they wish. 

Promotional Video

Leader Guide

Leader Resources

We’ve kept this simple—both for you and the families you serve. In the Leader Guide, we’ve included materials, ideas, and tips for planning, promoting, and providing resources to families for the weekly at-home experience and the all-church family event. Hear from Lynne Howard, one of the creators of Connected Christmas, on how she is implementing this kit at her church!

Planning Timeline & Checklist

Episode 1 Bible Story Video

Epidsode 1 Activities

Whether at home or at Church, let's connect families with the wonder of the Christmas Story!

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Ideas for Family Kits

Hear from Lynne Howard, one of the creators of Connected Christmas, on how she is implementing this kit at her church!

Gather families to celebrate the wonder of Christmas!

Get all you need to celebrate the gift of baby Jesus!

Give the gift of family connection this advent season!

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