Connecting everyday situations to God’s Word

Quarterly Lesson Videos and Guides

Available for preschool – upper elementary classes, these 3–4 minute video segments show children living out their faith in everyday life! Each month features a video that highlights the monthly theme.

The Video Connection Guide helps teachers connect the video and monthly theme to each lesson.

No matter when your family sits down to share God’s Word, it is a beautiful and sacred time to experience together. Use the Family Devotion Guides on their own or with our lesson video alongside it to help your family grow and learn together.

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Preschool/Early Elementary

Downloadable Guides


God Takes Care of Us – Theme 1 (Download)

God Wants Us to Care for Others – Theme 2 (Download)

Jesus Cares for Everyone – Theme 3 (Download)

Downloadable Guides


Jesus Shows His Love – Theme 1 (Download)

Jesus’ Friends Show His Love – Theme 2 (Download)

Jesus’ Friends Help Others – Theme 3 (Download)

Downloadable Guides


We Are Important to Jesus – Theme 1 (Download)

Jesus Helps Us – Theme 2 (Download)

God Made the World – Theme 3 (Download)

Downloadable Guides


God Sent His Son, Jesus – Theme 1 (Download)

God Made Us – Theme 2 (Download)

We Worship God Together – Theme 3 (Download)

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Elementary / Upper Elementary

Downloadable Guides


Rules to Live By – Theme 1 (Download)

Who Is God – Theme 2 (Download)

Living Out Our Faith – Theme 3 (Download)

Downloadable Guides


Final Days of Jesus – Theme 1 (Download)

Jesus Conquers Death – Theme 2 (Download)

How Believers Live – Theme 3 (Download)

Downloadable Guides


Escaping Egypt – Theme 1 (Download)

God Delivers Us – Theme 2 (Download)

Following God with Courage – Theme 3 (Download)

Downloadable Guides


God’s Plan  – Theme 1 (Download)

Who Jesus Is – Theme 2 (Download)

What Jesus Said – Theme 3 (Download)

How will I use the videos in the lessons?

Bible-in-Life Kids is excited to feature this in-class resource to inspire kids as they walk their journey of faith. Just look for the video icon in the pages of the Teacher’s Guide to see where the video segment can be used in conjunction with the weekly lesson. Here is what we suggest:

Right before Step Two, the video is designed to introduce each unit theme. The video for each monthly theme can be repeated each week as the theme is introduced and continues to impress on kid’s hearts the focus of the lesson. Use it each week or as you it works for your lesson plans. The online video connections help introduce the video and connect it to each lesson

As with many Bible-in-Life features, the videos are optional. Our goal with this visual resource is to weekly remind kids of the big picture God theme and how it connects in everyday life.

Scripture Videos

Free scripture video resources through David C Cook ended Oct 31st, 2022.

Incorporating music lyric videos into the teaching of God’s Word encourages verse memorization and worship through song and motion.

We recommend Seeds Family Worship as a trusted source for quality, scripture-based music that pairs perfectly with any curriculum.

Once on their website, simply type the scripture reference of the lesson or quarterly theme into the site search tool. Song options should be available for many of the verses in your quarterly lessons.

Teacher and Volunteer Training

Bible-in-Life is passionate about teaching God’s Word to children, youth and adults. Our focus is to create and publish the very best curriculum for use in your ministry. However, even the best curriculum won’t make a difference without trained, confident teachers.

We encourage you to view the topics, experience the training and share this website with all the volunteers at your church. Let us know of any area you need help with by talking to your personal ministry consultant.

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Training Articles

The training articles provided below are one step towards making a difference in ministry for volunteers new and old. We encourage you to view the topics, experience the training and share this website with all the volunteers at your church. Additional training articles can be found at