Learn the Powerful ways of drawing closer to God through music and prayer 

Even when we can’t see past our fears or griefs, God offers us a path to hope.

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Ginny Owens has had an award-winning career that encompasses two decades as a singer/songwriter, recording artist, author and speaker. She continues to inspire others with the truth of the gospel through her personal stories, songs, and Bible teaching.

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Sining in the Dark Book Cover
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Using her unique perspective as a blind woman, Ginny Owens illuminates the prayers, songs, and laments of Scripture.

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"Ginny encourages me to sing through my own times of darkness, of walking through the valley when He asks us to. "

Joni Erickson Tada

CEO of Joni and Friends, global leader in disability advocacy, bestselling author, speaker, artist

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Far too often, life’s challenges and questions cause people to fight feelings of doubt and despair, as they search endlessly for hope. In Singing in the Dark, Ginny Owens introduces the reader to powerful ways of drawing closer to God and how the elements of music, prayer, and lament offer rich, vibrant, and joyful communion with Him, especially on the darkest days.

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