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Guatemala Schools Provide Character Education with The Action Bible

Through collaborative efforts, more than 500,000 Guatemalan children are learning God’s word.

Nelson Morales is the Action Bible Project director for Paradise Bound, one of the David Caleb Cook Foundation’s partners in Guatemala. Their commitment to sharing God’s love with the children of Guatemala is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

In cooperation with a network of Christian leaders in Guatemala, Nelson and Paradise Bound have arranged to provide The Action Bible to children in public schools. With the support of Paradise Bound, Nelson travels all over the country delivering the books to schools and training teachers in urban cities and remote indigenous areas.

After Nelson delivers The Action Bibles, they are used to teach character education, providing biblical examples to help children understand honesty, kindness, integrity, respect, perseverance, and more.

The children also use the books for reading classes, as the easy-to-read and engaging format of The Action Bible is interesting and understandable for even beginning readers. And the exciting way the stories are shared encourages children and adults to read these same stories in their Bibles!

While schools were closed, Nelson and Paradise Bound found ways to distribute copies of The Action Bible by including them in relief packages for families struggling with Covid-19 and dealing with the effects of the hurricanes that battered Guatemala last summer. But we are excited to celebrate with them some great news—schools are beginning to re-open, and Nelson will soon be able to visit classrooms all over the country to share God’s love and copies of The Action Bible! Please pray with us for this amazing ministry!

Thanks to God’s provision and the efforts of Nelson and Paradise Bound, more than half a million children in Guatemala have received copies of The Action Bible, and according to teachers, principals, church leaders, and parents, the children’s growing knowledge of what it means to be followers of Jesus is shaping their young lives!

In addition, many of these children are hearing similar messages in Sunday school, as the David Caleb Cook Foundation also equips the ministry leaders of two major church denominations in Guatemala with training and Life on Life discipleship resources.

The David Caleb Cook Foundation is blessed to stand alongside organizations like Paradise Bound and people like Nelson Morales, whose commitment to children’s ministry is making an eternal difference in the lives of children. Thanks to God’s great work through our global partners and the support of our donors, children’s lives are being transformed—and they will transform their world!

Learn more about our global outreach through the David Caleb Cook Foundation.

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