Resource Library

Thank you for choosing The Good Book Campaign. We know that launching a church-wide campaign can be daunting, so we have created a resource library of sermon outlines, videos, marketing assets, launch event materials, and more, in order to make the process easier.

Sermon Notes

These sermon notes are useful for both pastors and small group leaders as they teach through The Good Book. These notes include Bible references, illustrations, small group discussion questions, and large group examples.

Invite Card

Inviting your friends to experienceThe Good Book at your church just got easier. This little invitation card can be given to friends you invite so they will not forget when and where to show up.

Countdown Video

As your congregants are talking, laughing, and building community, you can play this countdown timer video to prepare them for the beginning of the service.

The Good Book Video Trailer

Use this trailer to cast the vision and build excitement within your Church around The Good Book campaign. In the video Deron Spoo and Kyle Idelman explain the importance of participating in a campaign such as this.

Overview of The Good Book

Reading the Bible can be difficult and many Christians struggle with reading and understanding the scriptures on a regular basis. In this video Deron Spoo and Kyle Idelman explain the idea behind The Good Book and the goal of the Church campaign.

The Good Book Experience

The Good Book Experience is an optional, single-night (or single-afternoon) event that your church can use to kick off its exploration of The Good Book. This event helps excite church members (especially families with young kids) to the possibility of the Bible being presented in an approachable way—as one story from beginning to end.

“Legal Transfer of Sins” Document

This “Legal Transfer of Sins” document is used at Station 6 of The Good Book Experience. It is a mock legal document transferring an individual’s sin to Christ, and His righteousness to the individual.

The Good Book Facilitator’s Guide

This 8-week companion to The Good Book and The Good Book DVD equips small-group leaders to lead others deeper into the Bible’s biggest ideas. With questions for reflection and discussion that follow the trade book, The Good Book Facilitator’s Guide will foster group discussion among small-group and Sunday School members.

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