Submissions and Writer Guidelines

Submission of New Proposals and Manuscripts​

At this time, David C Cook is not accepting unsolicited proposals or manuscripts for books or curriculum products.

We will, however, consider proposals submitted through literary agents, as well as proposals submitted in response to select invitations extended at writers’ conferences.

Any unsolicited manuscripts and proposals sent directly to David C Cook will be returned to the sender without review.

There are several helpful resources available to you in your endeavor to become a published author. Many leading Christian publishers use as a primary source for unsolicited book proposals as they are unable to process the large number of print manuscripts mailed to them each day.

Writer Guidelines for Power for Living​

Power for Living is a weekly publication and part of the David C Cook adult curriculum line. Every eight-page issue includes one feature article and several shorter pieces such as a column, devotional, or poem that portray the power of God in our daily lives.

Our readership consists primarily of adults, aged 50 and older. Our readers are interested in stories that offer encouragement, insights, or a new perspective on how a personal relationship with God impacts every aspect of life, including relationships, careers, health, parenting (or grand parenting), ministry, finances, overcoming fears or challenges, pursuing personal growth, and more. Pieces that we publish must reflect (or at least cannot contradict) a biblical perspective and worldview.

If you are looking to have an article, poetry, a column, or devotional published in Power For Living please download and review a copy of our writers guidelines.

Writer Guidelines for The Quiet Hour

Devotions® and The Quiet Hour jointly publish new devotionals written per assignment on contract. Assignments are for sets of seven devotionals on selected passages of Scripture.

Work-for-hire/full rights contracts that pay $170 are offered to successful candidates with postal addresses in North America. The editor invites new authors to submit a spec devotional (new or previously published) that aligns with our platform.