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And I Will Bless Them

  • Roy Godwin

And I Will Bless Them

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How can we become God’s conduits for blessing to those around us?

Roy Godwin reveals how God has given believers the authority—and the command—to bless others in order to release the manifest presence of God into our world.

Drawing on the internationally known discipleship tool The Blessings Course as the framework, this new and revised book combines The Way of Blessing with course videos and completely new material from Roy Godwin to create And I Will Bless Them.

Meaningful questions—with room for notes and responses—plus actual stories of powerful blessing with biblical references will raise the reader’s confidence. Practical examples and profiles in people God has worked through will equip the reader to walk into an effective ministry of blessing people, communities, land, regions, and nations.

Taste and see that God is good by blessing others.

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About the Author:

Roy Godwin has been an international conference speaker for many years, led a small, remote retreat centre in Wales, UK, for twenty years, and founded a global movement called Local Houses of Prayer. Roy has been married to Daphne for over fifty years. They have two children and three grandchildren.

“What a gift Roy Godwin and his personal journey of prayer and yielding to God has been for so many … I pray as you read And I Will Bless Them, your hunger for the Word of God and His presence in and through your life will deepen and grow SO much that everyone in your world will be impacted.”
Darlene Zschech
“Roy Godwin’s story has impacted many thousands of lives, and in And I Will Bless Them, he invites us all to carry the blessing of God out into the world to transform communities.”
Pete Greig
Author of Red Moon Rising and God on Mute
“Roy is a storyteller; he loves to tell stories of how Jesus changed a life for eternity. Through his life and real encounters with people, Roy has taught me that God’s desire is to bless me, my family and community. To recommend this book is to recommend a man who carries so much wisdom, insight, and passion for seeing Jesus change our world through the practice of blessing.”
Jonathan Brown
President of Integrity Music
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