Key partnerships and gifts make it possible to say yes to life-changing ministry among the world’s most vulnerable children.
Two young boys read The Story of Jesus comic.

The Opportunity in Children's Ministry

In developing nations, church leaders are eager to serve and willing to collaborate. But they often lack tools and training for effective children’s ministry.

They especially struggle to share God’s love in meaningful ways with children who face poverty, disintegrating families, violence in the home or community, abuse, or a lack of education.

A Foundation for Lasting Transformation

Most charitable foundations are funded by profit, but ours is different. David C Cook is a nonprofit organization, so everything we do is for the purpose of equipping the Church.

As an extension of our mission, we invest in global outreach through the David Caleb Cook Foundation. But the opportunity is greater than our investment — and that’s where people like you come in. Your gifts to the Foundation make it possible to say yes to more ministry, to more children.

Our Initiatives

The David Caleb Cook Foundation builds long-term relationships with global ministry leaders so they can deliver programs that fit the culture, language, and spiritual needs of their communities:

Sharing the gospel with children through The Story of Jesus excerpt from the The Action Bible.


Discipling children through our Life on Life program that guides them to love and follow Jesus while growing in character and life skills.

Bible Engagement

Engaging children with the New Testament or full edition of The Action Bible to help them grow in faith.

Your Gift Makes More Ministry Possible

By supporting our global outreach, people like you help open the way to more ministry that transforms children’s lives. Will you join us and say yes with a gift to provide tools and training for global ministry leaders?


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