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How to Quiet a Hurricane

  • Justin Kendrick

How to Quiet a Hurricane Book Cover.

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In this practical guide to reigniting faith and purpose, the pastor of Vox Church helps readers who feel stuck in their faith journey find spiritual renewal and the inner strength to navigate life’s challenges.

Life can be overwhelming and frustrating. And the storms we live through leave many of us feeling exhausted, weakened, and fearful. It is possible, however, to develop the inner strength to deal with the pressures of the world.

In How to Quiet a Hurricane, pastor Justin Kendrick helps you develop a spiritual resilience that propels you past your fears and anxieties into a life of real and lasting peace. You will discover:

  • Why weakness is the starting point for spiritual strength
  • How lasting endurance comes from understanding the love of God
  • Ways to apply God’s promises to your daily life
  • A freeing perspective on what it really means to be secure
  • Why faith rooted in Jesus can bring you through any trial

 How to Quiet a Hurricane empowers you to find strength in God and move beyond survival into a life of victory.

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About the Author:

Justin Kendrick is the author of Bury Your Ordinary and The Sacred Us, as well as How to Quiet a Hurricane. He is the lead pastor of Vox Church, which he founded in 2011 with a small group of friends on the doorstep of Yale University. The church has grown to multiple locations across New England, with the dream of seeing the least-churched region of the US become the most spiritually vibrant place on earth. Justin and his wife, Chrisy, live with their four children in the New Haven area.

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