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Peace in the Waiting

  • June Chapman

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Your call to love those who don’t know Jesus does not mean you need to save them. Through real-life guidance and encouragement, Peace in the Waiting helps us navigate the grief, confusion, and urgency we feel for loved ones who have rejected or wandered away from God.

 Is your heart weary from praying for someone you love to know Jesus? Peace in the Waiting offers a hope-filled path as you turn from your own doubts and frustration to God’s sovereignty and comfort. Drawing on her experience with a close friend, author June Chapman explores:

  • How to name and process our sorrow over friends and family who don’t know God
  • Our confusion about some people being saved and not others
  • Our questions about unanswered prayers
  • Why we need to remember that a loved one’s salvation is not up to us
  • How we can embrace peace even in the longing we have for others to follow Jesus

Peace in the Waiting calls us to take the focus off ourselves and trust in God’s promises so that we might have a renewed sense of hope for those we love most.

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About the Author:

June Chapman is a business professional in the greater Washington, DC, area. Peace in the Waiting is her first book. She is the 2022 winner of the Proverbs 31 Ministries Compel Book Proposal Challenge with David C Cook. Visit her at

"I don’t believe I’ve ever read a book about the pain of loving people who don’t know Jesus. My first question was, ‘Why hasn’t anyone written this already? It’s so important!’ June Chapman has given us a thorough, biblical exhortation to help us carry the pain of carrying our lost loved ones to Jesus. In doing so, she shows us that this is both our highest calling and our deepest place of trust. A stunning debut."
W. Lee Warren, MD, Christian Book Award–winning author of Hope Is the First Dose and host of The Dr. Lee Warren podcast
“In Peace in the Waiting, I found comfort from someone who is where I am: in the middle of waiting for a loved one to come to know Christ. June not only normalizes the heartache we face but challenges us to grow rather than get stuck in the grief, to see that the waiting is not just about them; it’s about us too.”
Lynn Cowell, coauthor of Esther: Seeing Our Invisible God in an Uncertain World
“June captures the heart of God in her writing. Her love for lost friends and family is eclipsed only by her passion for what Jesus can do in the lives of the unsaved. June wisely shows us our part in the story of redemption but reminds us that we are not the Redeemer.”
Greg Wigfield, MDiv, former chaplain to the Washington Redskins, businessman, and retired pastor
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