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The Heart Who Wanted to Be Whole

  • Beth Guckenberger
  • Irina Mileo

An child-friendly exploration of spiritual warfare and the power of God’s Word, this vibrant picture book equips young readers to hear and speak God’s truth loud and clear.

“This heart was created whole. Solid. Happy. Free. The heart wanted to stay that way. But…there was an enemy who had other plans.”

Even very young children are aware of evil in the world, yet they don’t always know how to recognize and overcome it. In this age-appropriate exploration of Satan’s lies, children learn how to use Scripture to engage in spiritual battles when their hearts are hurting.

Ideal for children ages 4 to 8, The Heart Who Wanted to Be Whole weaves together story, Bible verses, engaging illustrations, and a powerful message for each of us: No matter how overwhelming our emotions feel, God’s words of truth and light can always put our hearts back together again.

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About the Author:

Irina Mileo was born in Tuscany and lives there with her family, including her strange cat Sir Boo and her beautiful baby girl. Trained as an engineer, Irina now constructs imaginative, colorful worlds for children, just like the worlds that so inspired her as a child.

Beth Guckenberger lives with her family in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she serves as co-executive director of Back2Back Ministries. Beth lived in Mexico for fifteen years and has raised eleven children. She is the author of twelve books and speaks regularly at conferences, youth gatherings, and church services.

“Once again, Beth gets to the ‘heart’ of what many children face today with touching prose, engaging illustrations, and powerful Bible references. Another great story told brilliantly with eternal truths pulled directly from the Bible. I’m loving this series!”

Dan Merrell

“Like all things that matter most, this book is as simple and beautiful as it is powerful and true. There is nothing on earth a child needs more than simply to know they are loved by the One who made them. That is, in fact, true for all of us.”

Jedd Medefind

“The Heart Who Wanted to Be Whole is the children’s book we all needed when we were kids. This is why I’m so thankful that Beth has developed this approachable tool that parents, guardians, kid influencers, and ministry leaders can use to walk kids toward truth. This book opens doors for rich conversation about how they can respond to the way darkness will attack what they believe about themselves and God. You need a copy for you and for all the kids in your life.”

Michayla White
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