Ideas shape the world.
The truth sets it free.

David C Cook is Founded

The need that drove David C Cook 142 years ago still drives our ministry today: the world needs the Gospel. Every David C Cook resource is biblically based and God honoring.
We share biblical
resources around
the world.
But every culture has a unique context.


Our resources are published in 150 languages and distributed in 170 countries. Over 30 percent of the top 500 praise and worship songs were written by Integrity Music artists.

David C Cook Establishes Foundation

Frances Kerr Cook establishes the David C Cook Foundation "to aid and promote the work of religious education without profit to any person or group." Revenues generated are directed toward ministry efforts that benefit Christians worldwide.
Our partners
their culture.
So their culture can
receive the Gospel.


We work with indigenous partners to translate and contextualize David C Cook resources. Our partners are co-creators, adapting existing material and creating new material so that the message can transform lives where they minister.

The Story of Jesus

David C Cook begins working with partners to publish and distribute The Story of Jesus. Now 51 million copies have been distributed in 97 languages worldwide.
We invest in
our partners
around the world.
But we only have to do it once.


Every sale of a David C Cook product in the US helps fund a partner overseas. We use our proceeds to help our partners produce the materials they have co-created with us. Then our partners sell those materials and use their own proceeds to create more. Our goal: With one investment from the US, our partners can sustainably create biblically-based materials in regions that desperately need the Gospel.

Life on Life

David C Cook’s Life on Life curriculum is currently serving 9.4 million youth in 29 nations and 11 languages, and we plan to add 20 more nations.
the Gospel is
shaping the world.

Spread the Gospel with us.

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