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Rebecca St. James and Cubbie Fink sign with David C Cook

Nashville husband and wife set to publish their first co-authored book

(COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado) – Christian music artists Rebecca St. James (Fink) and Cubbie Fink are set to release their first co-authored book with Colorado Springs-based publisher David C Cook. The book is an intimate retelling of how the couple overcame trials and challenges to build a married life of faithfulness, and shares their views on love, faith, and marriage in the public eye.

“We’re excited to partner with Rebecca and Cubbie to bring to life their story of steadfast faith and resilience in the face of life’s challenges,” said David C Cook VP of Acquisitions and Publishing, Michael Covington. “This book is not just for those navigating life’s unexpected turns, but also for those seeking inspiration to follow God’s path. Readers will get an intimate and authentic look into their lives as artists, as a married couple, and as parents.”

Australian-born Rebecca St. James, best-known for her many contributions to the Christian music industry, is also an accomplished author with popular titles like Wait for Me and Pure. Along with new music, Rebecca recently launched a podcast with Focus on the Family where she and her co-host talk about family, faith, and parenting. She and her husband, Cubbie Fink, live in Nashville, where they raise their three kids.

Cubbie initially had his claim to fame as one of the founding members of the indie-pop band

Foster The People. Outside of his music career, Cubbie also has worked on numerous projects as a film director and producer.

Rebecca and Cubbie see much discouragement in today’s culture in faith and relationships. They hope their story will encourage courage – strength within each reader to stand firm – in marriage or singleness, and to trust in God despite life’s inevitable curveballs.

“We have seen God redeem deeply painful seasons of our lives. We pray that our book authentically communicates the hope and glory of God in every aspect of life,” said Rebecca.

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