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  • Strahan Coleman

Beholding Book

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In an age of noise and hyperconnectivity, Beholding invites readers to rediscover prayer as a welcoming space to simply be with God.

Through poetic writing and biblical insights, spiritual director Strahan helps readers move from having a transactional association with God based on work, to having a transformational relationship with God based in love. Beholding calls readers to understand how…

  • Prayer is so much more than spoken conversation between us and God; it’s a way of existing together.
  • Beholding God in prayer is profoundly connected to beholding and dignifying others.
  • Embracing prayer practices from different Christian traditions digs a deep well of peace in the soul.
  • Our everyday ordinary lives can become the meeting place for God through silence, solitude, community, creation, and hospitality

In this tribute to God’s abundant love, Strahan shows readers that prayer can be more than a way of finding answers. When readers realize that prayer can be a way of learning God’s heart language, they’ll learn that they are already closer to God than they dare imagine.

Softcover: 978-0-8307-8518-6
Release date: February 7, 2023

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About the Author:

Strahan Coleman is an award-winning musician, poet, writer, and spiritual director from Aotearoa, New Zealand. He is the founder of Commoners Communion, a space for exploring deepness with God through spiritual retreats, a podcast, and online prayer schools. Strahan has written three volumes of poetic-prayer books that invite readers into a more honest, close, and loving prayerful life with God.

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