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Being Real > Being Perfect

  • Justin Davis

Being Real book cover image

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Are you tired of trying to be someone you’re not? Being Real > Being Perfect is an inspiring rallying cry for Christians to let go of pretending and instead enjoy a freeing, authentic relationship with Jesus and others.

Many of us spend a lot of energy—especially at church—trying to hide the fact that we’re struggling. We can’t share our marriage problems. Our addiction. Our sense of distance from God.

In Being Real > Being Perfect, Justin Davis reminds us that God can’t heal what we don’t admit is broken. As he vulnerably shares his own story of redemption, Justin helps us understand:

  • Why being real with ourselves, God, and others leads to peace and hope
  • How faking perfection robs us of the transformative power of grace
  • What the Bible says about insecurity and identity
  • Step-by-step ways to overcome our fear of being vulnerable

If you’re tired of trying to prove yourself, if you’re tired of wondering where the real “you” went, if you’re tired of knowing information but not experiencing transformation—discover the vibrant spiritual life you long for as you embrace the truth that being real is greater than you can imagine.

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About the Author:

Justin is an author, speaker, and pastor who dedicated his life to helping people experience life change through the power of authenticity. He co-founded RefineUs Ministries, where he shares his personal story with honesty and transparency, inspiring others to find the courage to do the same.

Justin loves to spend time with his family. He enjoys playing basketball, indulging in the Great Wall of Chocolate at PF Chang’s, and taking long walks on the beach with his wife and kids. Justin and Trisha have five kids and live in Indianapolis, IN

“Life is hard. It is for all of us … But it doesn’t have to be complicated. Finding your true self is now easier than ever with the help of my friend Justin Davis’s new book. Helping you embrace the reality of who you are instead of who you pretend to be is Justin’s sweet spot, and I can’t wait for you to experience these words.”

Carlos Whittaker
Author of How to Human

“Ten out of ten times I will support a book about being real over being perfect, if the author is someone I know to live this message themselves. Justin Davis has done the work to earn the right to lead us in this important message of freedom and fulfillment found only in the truth of Christ. It’s books like these that bring needed transparency and, as a result, healing to the Church.”

Lisa Whittle
Author of Jesus Over Everything and God Knows, Bible teacher, podcast host

“My friend Justin provides practical steps for readers to push back against perfectionism, embrace authenticity, and discover real transformation. This book is a must-read for anyone who struggles with self-doubt, shame, or a fear of vulnerability.”

Jon Acuff
New York Times bestselling author of Soundtracks: The Surprising Solution to Overthinking
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