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Clever Cub Forgives a Friend

  • Bob Hartman
  • Steve Brown

Clever Cub book cover image

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Children ages 3 to 6 will learn how God wants us to love others in books 10 and 11 of the popular Clever Cub Bible Stories series from author Bob Hartman.

Clever Cub gets grumpy after Fred calls him a name. But when he hears the story of Joseph and his brothers (from Genesis 37, 39:20b–23, 41–42, and 45), he discovers how wonderful forgiveness can be!

Questions at the end of every book in the Clever Cub Bible Stories series help parents and ministry leaders begin conversations with children about their own part in God’s story. 

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About the Author:

Performance storyteller Bob Hartman is the creator of the YouVersion Bible App for Kids Bible stories, which have been downloaded more than 90 million times. His long list of children’s titles have sold over a million copies, including The Lion Storyteller Bible, now available in eleven different languages.

About the Illustrator:

Steve Brown is a UK-based freelance children’s illustrator. He has a passion for telling stories through his art and likes to use humor to delight children and adults alike.

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