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The Chosen Presents: Come and See Jesus

  • Amanda Jenkins
  • Dallas Jenkins
  • Kristen Hendricks

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Come and See Jesus is a charming board book about a little girl who meets Jesus and is captivated by His kindness, sense of humor, and friendship—and then brings all her friends to meet Him too.

Abigail talks A LOT. Joshua does NOT. So when they meet Jesus for the first time, Abigail talks about Him to every kid she can find! Together the children gather at Jesus’ campsite and experience the wonder, wisdom, and fun found in His presence.

This sweet story is a simplified version of The Chosen Presents: Jesus Loves the Little Children, based on season one, episode three of the groundbreaking TV show, The Chosen. Now in board book form, even the littlest readers will see Jesus—His kindness, His sense of humor, His availability, and His love for “the least of these”—through the eyes of children just like them.

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About the Author:

Amanda Jenkins, along with illustrator Kristen Hendricks, creates The Chosen’s extra content, including devotionals and podcasts, and The Chosen children’s books.

Dallas Jenkins is the creator of The Chosen, the first multi-season TV series about the life of Jesus, and he wrote the script this book is based on

About the Illustrator:

Kristen Hendricks, an illustrator, helps create The Chosen’s extra content, including devotionals and podcasts, and The Chosen children’s books.

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