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Do the Thing

  • Rebecca George

Do the Thing book cover image

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What is your “thing”? Surely there’s a better way to view it than through a lens of striving and worldly achievement.

You may have a special cause, project, or talent you feel called to develop. Fear and lack of clarity often make it easier to avoid the “thing” than risk failing at it.

Rebecca George is an encouraging voice in your ear to say, “Let’s not waste another minute of the alltoobrief time we have on this side of eternity. She shows you how to pursue your goal with grace and confidence.

Part guide, part manifesto, Do the Thing beckons you to pursue the passions that stir your soul.

On this journey, you will discover how to:

  • See your gifts and talents from a gospel-centered perspective.
  • Prioritize goals related to your calling as you move forward with gumption and grace.
  • Overcome negative thought patterns so you can brainstorm, develop, and create with the confidence of a go-getter girl!

Today is the day to take a brave step in a purposeful direction, using God’s Word as your compass to do the thing He has designed for you to do. After all, if not now … when?

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Do the Thing

About the Author:

Rebecca George is an author, a speaker, and the host of the popular podcast Radical Radiance. Her greatest joy is helping women pursue their passions in a way that builds God’s kingdom. In her free time, she loves running outside or trying a new recipe with Garth Brooks playing in the background. You can connect with her @rebeccageorgeauthor on Instagram or at

“Do the Thing delivers on its promise to bring gospel-centered goals, gumption, and grace for the
go-getter girl. God has unique plans for all his daughters, and Rebecca beautifully helps us
follow His lead and do the thing he calls us to. Every woman should read this book. I love it!”

Alli Worthington, speaker, coach, author of Standing Strong

“If you are a woman who wants to walk out her calling in confidence—doing it in a way that
makes much of Jesus instead of elevating self—then this is the book for you! Rebecca George
has crafted an insightful and biblical guide for discovering how to find your lane while honoring
God and fulfilling your place in His kingdom. Do the Thing will equip you to cease striving, halt
the comparisons, and finally become uniquely you. I wish my go-getter self had read this grace-
filled gem a few decades ago!”

Karen Ehman, New York Times bestselling author and Bible teacher in the First 5 app

“Warning: If you want to continue to stay stuck, exhausted, overwhelmed, and not make any
forward progress on the things you can’t go a day without thinking about … then put down Do
the Thing and slowly back away right now! That’s because Rebecca George delivers us a reveille
of a wake-up call in this practical, insightful, beautiful book. It is a powerhouse of wisdom
wrapped in the warm hug of a good, trusted friend. Rebecca takes us by the shoulders, shakes us
just enough to get our attention, looks us in the eye, and tells us the time is NOW. This is the
field guide every Go-Getter Girl needs to run the long race in front of her with endurance. One of
the best books of the year—I can’t wait to gift it to all my friends!”

Mary Marantz, bestselling author of Dirt and Slow Growth Equals Strong Roots, host of The Mary Marantz Show

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