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Each One Reach One

  • Babbie Mason

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This energizing, highly interactive book study from award-winning singer and bestselling author Babbie Mason—with free streaming access to video teachings—inspires us to share our God story with confidence.

Many of us want to talk about our faith with others, but we feel unprepared and uncomfortable. Written for Christians who want to live with more boldness and purpose, Each One Reach One equips us to:

  • Find our own unique style of talking about Jesus.
  • See evangelism as a delight rather than an obligation.
  • Anticipate opportunities for telling others about Christianity.
  • Use Scripture and reflection questions to draw closer to God’s heart.
  • Experience the joy of seeing others as Christ sees us.

Sharing our story of Jesus doesn’t have anything to do with rote lines, preachy words, or guilty feelings. As Babbie shows us, it has everything to do with listening well and demonstrating Christ’s love by showing compassion.

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About the Author:

Two-time Dove Award–winner Babbie Mason is a Grammy-nominated recording artist and songwriter and the television host of Babbie’s House. Babbie is also the author of numerous books and Bible studies. She and her husband, Charles, live in Georgia and are the parents of two adult sons.

“Whether on a platform before thousands or over a cup of coffee with only one, Babbie Mason lets her heart for the Lord shine through. For more than three decades, my life has been personally impacted by the intentional way this woman has chosen to reflect the light and love of Christ through the words she says, the attitude she exudes, and the character she demonstrates. I’m so glad she has penned her thoughts and insights on how we can do the same.”
Priscilla Shirer
Bible teacher and New York Times-bestselling author
“Brace yourself for impact! Each One Reach One is a book God will use to speak to us all. From presidents to prisoners and all the way to the checkout line at the Piggly Wiggly grocery store, life is about serving people for the Lord. I laughed. I cried. I gave God the glory. Each chapter is challenging and chock-full of wisdom and faith. I found myself inhaling the words and exhaling the praise!”
Tammy Whitehurst
speaker, writer, and Jesus follower
“Join Babbie Mason as she teaches you how to lead a life that makes a difference. Read amazing stories of random encounters that turned into astounding miracles, along with how you can walk in this same power of God’s love. Each One Reach One is a must-read for anyone who wants their light to shine the hope of Jesus Christ into the lives of others.”
Linda Evans Shepherd
bestselling author of 38 books including Praying through Hard Times and the host of the Prayer Investigator podcast
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