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Essential Elements

  • Vince Miller

Ideal for men’s small groups, this five-lesson Bible study explores what it means to be a strong man of God, ultimately answering the soul-deep question: “What makes a man?”

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Defining true manhood has never been more challenging. In this first book of the Forged Bible study series, popular Bible teacher Vince Miller offers a clear, compelling look at what it means to be a man of God.

Designed for small group or individual use, Essential Elements offers the practical encouragement and answers men are looking for. As he shares from his own story and digs deep into biblical truths, Vince explores:

  • What Jesus’s life teaches us about true masculinity
  • How living out authentic manhood brings purpose and joy
  • Why real strength never comes from popular opinion
  • How to discern God’s design in a confusing culture
  • Why the journey from sin to salvation is not about us but about Jesus

Emphasizing the internal journey men experience, Essential Elements offers them a solid biblical foundation to grow in faith and step into their role as strong men of God.

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About the Author:

Vince Miller is the author of over twenty books, a popular speaker nationwide, and the founder of the men’s ministry platform Resolute, which provides the largest online library of men’s Bible study resources. Vince also reaches hundreds of thousands of viewers through his YouTube channel.

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