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Flash Theology

  • Jenny Randle
  • Brayden Brookshier

Flash Theology book cover

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This is an invitation to the curious, those who want to know God and interact with their faith in a new way. 

Grow in awe of God as you discover the beauty and depth of him through 31 bite-sized truths of theology. Flash Theology offers you stability in your faith so you can endure whatever life (or wrong thinking) throws at you.

Jenny Randle and Brayden Brookshier believe Christians are missing out if they leave theology to pastors and scholars. In this highly accessible book, Jenny and Brayden help you:

  • Understand theology through compelling visual aids.
  • See the connection between God’s character and your identity.
  • Internalize truths about God’s heart for you.
  • Find encouragement in life’s purpose through a greater understanding of who God is.

God invites every Christian to know and enjoy him forever. Through illustrations, Scripture, and approachable teaching, Flash Theology shares 31 bite-sized truths of Christianity in a way that inspires both gratitude and awe.

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About the Author:

Brayden Brookshier serves on the teaching team at Newbreak Church, San Diego. With a master’s in New Testament and a bachelor’s in Biblical Studies, Brayden is the author of A Resurrected Cosmos and teaches biblical Greek at Horizon University. Although he is a pastor and theologian, Brayden’s favorite titles are husband and “Dada.”

From Hollywood to a small island in Florida, Jenny Randle’s creative ventures over the last twenty years have reached millions. She is the cohost of a top-ranked podcast, the author of numerous books, and a wife, mom, Emmy®-award-winning editor, speaker, and ministry leader. Jenny is currently working toward a master’s in theology at Asbury Theological Seminary.

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