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No Address: An Interactive Study Guide

  • Robert G. Marbut Jr.

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A four-session interactive Bible study, based on the documentary American with No Address, that examines the biblical response to homelessness.

Homelessness is not an “issue”; it’s an opportunity for the church to love our neighbors. In this four-session interactive Bible study, we examine what Scripture has to say on the topic. A companion to the documentary Americans with No Address and the full-length theatrical movie No Address (starring Ashanti, Billy Baldwin, Beverly D’Angelo, and Xander Berkeley), this study teaches participants:

  • The root causes of different types of homelessness
  • How to engage rather than enable
  • The importance of collaboration among existing agencies
  • How to mobilize their church to follow Jesus’ call to serve

Each session includes:

  • Facts, true stories, and background about the people who experience homelessness in America
  • QR code for a quick link to online videos
  • Discussion questions for churches and small groups
  • Perspective from the Bible
  • “Go and Do” action steps
  • Ideas for further resources

Prayer prompts and reflection questions The government can’t solve homelessness alone. The nonprofit sector can’t solve it alone. But neighbors loving neighbors, working together, can make a difference for the people who are experiencing homelessness in America. No Address equips Christians to lead the way.

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About the Author:

Dr. Robert G. Marbut Jr. has engaged with issues contributing to homelessness for more than three decades: as the former “Federal Homelessness Czar” serving in three presidential administrations, a city councilperson, the founding president and CEO of Haven for Hope (the largest and most comprehensive homeless transformational center in the US), and a volunteer. He is a tenured professor at Northwest Vista College and lectures and consults across the country on homelessness. No Address contains the writing of ten contributing experts in the field of aiding people experiencing homelessness.

By calling those with chronic addiction and mental illness who find themselves on our streets “homeless,” it gives the impression that the common solution to their problems is simply to house them. Housing is necessary and part of the solution as long as it is supported by appropriate treatment and accountability.
Rev. John Samaan
President and CEO of Boston Rescue Mission.
The specific circumstances matter and are always unique. Sometimes helping is enabling, and sometimes helping is lifesaving. It is important to discern the difference.
Rev. Ron Brown
Associate Minister of Antioch Missionary Baptist Church.
If we did not offer programs that addressed addiction and untreated mental illness, we would remain an emergency operation with no long-term hope of our residents seeing a better future.
Rev. Bob Gehman
President Emeritus of Helping Up Mission
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