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PROVERBS A Strong Man is Wise

  • Vince Miller

Proverbs a strong man is wise book cover image

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Every man desires to be strong and to be wise. Why not grow in strength and wisdom through the teachings of one of the strongest and wisest men ever to live?

These engaging, actionable devotionals based on Solomon’s writings in Proverbs give men the skills they need for godly living in today’s challenging culture. Each short, hardhitting devotional in Proverbs: A Strong Man Is Wise centers on a passage from the book of Proverbs and includes a reflection question, takeaway, and prayer. Author and YouTuber Vince Miller has already established himself as a straightforward, biblically solid teacher. In this monthlong devotional, Vince offers:

  • Practical advice based on Scripture for the most important issues men face today
  • Targeted words for the struggles men encounter as leaders, husbands, and fathers
  • Insight into relationships, decisionmaking, sexual temptation, spiritual maturity, and vocation

With space for notetaking and response, Proverbs: A Strong Man Is Wise provides the encouragement, challenge, and biblical foundation men need to grow in strength and wisdom as they live out the purpose God has for them.

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About the Author:

Vince Miller is the author of over twenty books, a popular speaker nationwide, and the founder of the men’s ministry platform Resolute, which provides the largest online library of men’s Bible study resources. Vince also enjoys encouraging and building up men through his YouTube channel, which reaches hundreds of thousands of viewers.

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