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Raised to Stay

  • Natalie Runion

Raised to Stay - runion

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An honest exploration of disappointment with the Church, Raised to Stay is for anyone weary of God’s people but longing to keep their faith in God.

God might seem silent right now. God’s people might seem not worth the wounds. But hold on as Natalie Runion embarks on a journey for all who are wandering, wondering, and wrestling. Together, we will move toward trusting God again, knowing that even though Christian community may fail us, the love of God never fails.

When we say yes to God, we don’t say yes to church politics, ladder climbing, or burnout. We say yes to Jesus. We say yes to hope. We say yes to much that we can still embrace. Through honest words and deeply personal story, Runion challenges us to be part of a generation known for the passionate pursuit of Christ. To be remembered for loving one another, forgiving one another, and persevering with one another in our hunger for God. We aren’t quitters. We are the stayers.

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About the Author:

Pastor’s kid turned pastor, Natalie, her husband Tony and their two daughters live in Colorado Spring, CO where she is on staff as the Pastor of Women and Creative Pastor of Family Ministry at New Life Church.  In her twenty years of ministry as a worship leader, songwriter and pastor, Natalie has served various organizations and ministries across the country. In 2019 after watching many of her peers walk away from the church and their faith, Natalie began Raised to Stay, a ministry for those who have wandered, wondered and wrestled with the Church and the challenges of full-time ministry. Her heart is to see a generation of leaders finish their race as they partner with a good Father who is faithful to complete the work He began in each of us.

You can learn more about Raised to Stay on Instagram at @raisedtostay and grab a copy of her first book now!

“In a generation that is wandering and restless, Natalie’s honesty and transparency lead us all back to the path of pursuing Christ above all else.”
Natalie Grant
Award-winning singer-songwriter
“When a book has me weeping in the first few pages, I know it’s going to be great. This book is so necessary for today’s culture. Thank you for penning words that will help people heal and fall in love with the church again.”
Alex Seeley
Co-lead pastor of The Belonging Co and author of Tailor Made and The Opposite Life
“Natalie gives us an honest look at the local church and encourages us to embrace the challenges of belonging to a congregation. You will love her honest wit and her prophetic imagination, and hopefully, you will find yourself being captivated again by the power of gathering with God’s imperfect people.”
Brady Boyd
Senior pastor of New Life Church

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