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The Ancient Ladder

  • Scott MacLellan

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What causes faith to transform from an intellectual knowing about God to a passionate love story with God?

Scott MacLellan asked this question as his daughter battled cancer and he looked for purpose in his family’s suffering. He couldn’t believe that God was uninterested, but he also rejected trite reassurances. Scott finally found a satisfying answer when he discovered a threestep passagebased on the writings of Solomonthat Christian mystics identified as a path through pain to true spiritual devotion.

In The Ancient Ladder, Scott helps us apply the wisdom of past centuries to our challenges today as we:

  • See with new eyes the big picture of the Christian life
  • Move from Proverbs (fear the Lord) to Ecclesiastes (honor the Lord) to Song of Solomon (love the Lord)
  • Journey from stale spirituality to a robust and meaningful faith that enriches relationships, selfawareness, and enjoyment of God

Discover how the insights of Solomon explain the reasons for our suffering and our doubts so we are able to let go of the person we were and become who we were meant to be.

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About the Author:

Scott MacLellan has been married forty years and has two grown daughters and three grandsons. He leads a billiondollar healthcare company and is the author of eight books. His first novel is currently being developed into a streamingservice limited series. Scott and his wife live in South Carolina.

“Great mystics of the past like Bernard of Clairvaux or Teresa of Ávila offer Christians today so much wisdom about prayer and drawing closer to Christ—but their centuries-old writings can be difficult to read and comprehend. Thank heaven for writers like Scott MacLellan, whose clarity of style and keen understanding of the spiritual life make timeless mystical teachings accessible and relevant for today. The Ancient Ladder is not some dry history book; it’s an exciting invitation into deeper intimacy with God right here and now.”
Carl McColman
author of Eternal Heart and The New Big Book of Christian Mysticism
“Many Christians are unaware of the path that leads to a full faith experience, and most are unwilling to accept the difficulties that come with being a faithful follower of Christ. But the prize is more glorious than we can imagine, and worth any price we might have to pay. The Ancient Ladder shows us what the earliest believers came to know, and their works have stood the test of time. Scott MacLellan distills thousands of pages of ancient text in a way that is easy to understand and exciting to contemplate.”
Horst Schulze
cofounder and former president of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company
“If you’ve ever wondered what it means to ‘work out your salvation,’ this collection of insights will help you do just that. Exploring the role that suffering and challenges play in quickening the spirit, the authors reveal truths that are often missed by a world that promotes superficial faith. If you want to deepen your faith to face and embrace all that God has for you, please read these pages.”
Dr. Randy Ross
founder of Remarkable! and bestselling author of multiple books, including Fireproof Happiness
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