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The Rest of Your Story

  • Greg Lindsey


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God never intended the Christian life to be boring, empty, or irrelevant. In The Rest of Your Story, Pastor Greg Lindsey takes us on a journey past forgiveness to freedom.

The journey starts with diving deep into our own stories so we can let go of the shame, regret, and pain that are holding us back. Only then can we discover all the ways we need Jesus’ help—and become people of godly passion who live out the true desires of our hearts.

Many of us find that despite our best religious efforts, we’re still chasing God’s abundant life instead of enjoying it. In The Rest of Your Story, Pastor Greg Lindsey shows us why believing the “right” things or behaving the “right” way will never lead to our fullest life. True spiritual growth happens when we journey with Jesus back into our stories.

The Rest of Your Story is a roadmap to what God wants our Christian life to be: passionate, joy-filled, fulfilling, significant, and freeing. Along with his own vulnerable story of redemption, Greg shares:

  • The dangers of knowing the significance of our sin but not the significance of our stories
  • Ways our spiritual enemy uses our past to keep us from realizing our purpose
  • The difference between living forgiven and living free
  • Why the places we are most afraid to go lead us to the life we don’t want to miss

What you’ve done and what you’ve experienced is not who you are. As you identify how your past is keeping you from experiencing Jesus’ abundant life, you’ll find that God can turn the deepest pain into your richest treasure.


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About the Author:

Greg Lindsey is a trial attorney turned church planter who has been the lead pastor of Discovery Church in Colorado Springs for over fifteen years. He is also one of the founding leaders of COSIloveyou, an organization committed to uniting and igniting the local church. Greg and his wife, Stacy, have been married forty years and have four daughters and seven grandkids.

“Greg is an incredibly gifted thinker and teacher, but grace isn’t best understood through explanation. Instead, grace is best understood through experience. It’s Greg’s story alongside of his teaching that makes this book so powerful. His thoughtfulness and vulnerability will expand your appreciation of grace and help you experience it more deeply yourself. As a personal friend, I’ve watched how God’s grace has healed Greg from shame and despair and set him on a path of redemption and restoration that is filled with joy and freedom. Read this book and let that be true of the rest of your story.”

Kyle Idleman
Senior Pastor at Southeast Christian Church and bestselling author of Not a Fan

“I have always admired Greg’s ability to weave his own story together and the bigger story of God’s kingdom with grace and compassion. This is an invitation for the rest of us to do the same. His words and stories invite all of us into the grand adventure of discovering that story, regardless of how deep our mistakes or glorious our successes.”

Stu Davis
Executive Director of COSILoveYou

“The Rest of Your Story offers an authentic, up-close experience of life, church, and Christians (the full range of the spectrum) and an invitation for what the church—what we, you—can be. My hope is the words of this story cause you to pause, rethink, reframe, and remember that you are a ‘beloved child that has nothing to prove.’ I long for us Christians to see ourselves clearly so we may see others clearly, as our generous Father does. This book will graciously lead you into both spaces.”

Abbey Mobolade
Mother, nurse, educator, advocate, and first lady of Colorado Springs
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