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Truth Over Tribe

  • Patrick Miller
  • Keith Simon

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Do you feel exhausted by tribalism? You aren’t alone.

As culture warriors divide the world into us and them—fracturing families, friendships, and churches—most of us long for an end to the constant fighting. But does a practical path exist?

Jesus lived in a culture split by tribalism, but he resisted its allure by choosing something bigger: truth. He’s now inviting you to apply his ancient path to the modern culture war. In Truth Over Tribe, you will learn:

  • How tribalism makes your life miserable
  • How to lovingly resist when a tribe demands your allegiance
  • How to heal relationships fractured by tribalism
  • How to unite diverse communities

How would your community change if you became a catalyst for Christlike unity? Rejecting tribalism is the first step.

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About the Author:

Keith Simon graduated from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and co-planted The Crossing, a politically diverse church where he is the co-lead teaching pastor. He interviews leading Christian thinkers on Truth Over Tribe and teaches on Ten Minute Bible Talks. Keith is married to Christine, and they have four children.

Patrick Miller graduated from Covenant Theological Seminary and pastors at The Crossing, a politically diverse church. He has written for The Gospel Coalition and Christianity Today, offers cultural commentary on the podcast Truth Over Tribe, and teaches on Ten Minute Bible Talks. He is married to Emily, and they have two kids.

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