Clever Cub is a curious little bear who LOVES to cuddle up with the Bible and learn about God

Clever Cub Loves to Learn More about God!

Join Clever Cub as he Welcomes Baby Jesus, Explores God's Creation, Sings to God, and Gives Thanks to God.


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About the Books

“God, You are amazing!” As Clever Cub takes a walk in the forest and the fields and the mountains, he can’t help but sing praises to God for all the incredible things God has made!


Clever Cub snuggles up with Mama Bear on a dark night as she tells him how God filled the empty world with life.


On a starry night, Mama Bear and Clever Cub imagine what it would have been like to welcome baby Jesus to the world.


Clever Cub wants to give thanks to God but doesn’t know how.

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We have BIG plans for Clever Cub as he continues to learn about God.

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About Bob Hartman:

Performance storyteller Bob Hartman is the author of the YouVersion Bible App for Kids Bible stories, that have been downloaded 70 million times. As an ordained minister, his passion is to help people of every age find their way into the Bible, engage with it and discover the God who inspired it. 

About Steve Brown:

Steve Brown is a UK-based freelance children's illustrator with a passion for telling stories through his art and using humor to delight children and adults alike.