Connecting everyday situations to God’s Word
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With our 4-step lessons, teachers can focus on engaging kids, youth, and adults to discover God’s Word and bring it to life.
Easy to Prepare
and Teach
Bible-based lessons
for life
All ages,
toddler to adult
Bible-in-Life supports kids through adults

Do you struggle to find curriculum that works for your church?

  • Do your volunteers need simple, ready-to-go lesson plans?
  • Are you frustrated by resources that don’t fit or flex with your needs?
  • Are you concerned that today’s generations don’t know God’s Word?
  • Do you worry about spending your budget on programs that aren’t effective?

Bible-in-Life provides teacher-friendly options for churches of all sizes.

With our flexible materials, you can build a ministry program that works for your volunteers, your budget, and your church.
Bible-in-Life features the popular NIV™ translation for all ages.
Bible-in-Life offers a variety of lesson materials, videos, and downloads.

“In my experience with teaching Sunday school for the last 18 years, I’ve found Bible-in-Life to be the most well-rounded curriculum around. It gives you more than one option to use, so that you have a choice of which best fits your particular class.”​

Lois Castillo, Director of Children's Ministry
Cornerstone Church, San Francisco, California
BIble-in-Life Teacher's Guide Sample

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