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Forensic Faith

  • J. Warner Wallace

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Forensic Faith: Christian Apologetics for people seeking truth.

Discover the captivating secrets of Christian apologetics, and dive deep into the realm of forensic faith with this compelling book.

Embark on an adventure where truth-seeking becomes your duty as a Christian apologist.

  • Uncover the rules of evidence: Learn to defend what you believe, as Christian apologetics take center stage.
  • Master the evidence: Develop a strategic training approach to crack the case for Christianity and become well-versed in apologetics books.
  • Unlock divine insights: Take on the detective’s mindset to reveal hidden treasures in God’s Word and strengthen your Christian faith.
  • Persuade others: Acquire the skills of professional case makers and learn effective communication strategies to share your beliefs with confidence.

Prepare to be captivated as real-life detective stories, intriguing strategies, and biblical revelations merge. Renowned author and cold-case detective J. Warner Wallace presents a riveting exploration of investigative disciplines, bringing together the world of apologetics and Christian faith. Join this engaging journey and take a fresh look at what it means to be a Christian with this thought-provoking book.

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About the Author:

With a master’s degree in theological studies, bestselling author J. Warner Wallace is an awardwinning homicide detective, a senior fellow at the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, an adjunct professor of apologetics at Biola University, and a faculty member at Summit Ministries. Jim and his wife live in Southern California.

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