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She’s Not Your Enemy

  • Jenn Schultz

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Find freedom from jealousy and insecurity as you rest in your true worth and identity in God. Complete with reflection questions, journaling space, and accompanying teaching videos, She’s Not Your Enemy helps you move beyond habits of self-protection and create a culture of community.

Sometimes the women in our lives feel like enemies: The colleague who threatens your position at work. The friend who talks behind your back. The woman who seems to have it all togetherwhile you are barely hanging on. Sometimes the women in our lives feel like enemies.

But the real enemy is the one who is trying to defeat you with lies that lead to insecurity and isolation, discord and division. She’s Not Your Enemy equips us to battle Satan’s deception through the solid truth of God’s Word. Popular blogger and podcast host Jenn Schultz comes alongside us to explore:

  • How we find true joy and fulfillment when we each recognize our unique roles in God’s kingdom
  • What we lose when we see other women as competition rather than community
  • What to do about envy, jealousy, peoplepleasing, perfectionism, and other daily challenges
  • Why we will never be “enough”and why that’s great news
  • How our view of God affects our view of ourselves and others

When we find our worth and identity in God, we can cultivate empathy and compassion for those we have labeled as the enemy—including the woman in the mirror—and live with greater joy.

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About the Author:

Jenn Schultz grew up knowing God, but it took decades to understand that His love and acceptance have nothing to do with our performance, and that He isn’t impatient with our imperfections. Her mission is to empower women to ditch shame and striving by finding identity in God and freedom in abundant grace. She shares about messy faith, shaking off insecurity, and pursuing God’s purpose confidently on her blog, What You Make It, on social media, and through her podcast, Called Into Being.

Jenn is a wife and mom who reads too many books at once, drinks decaf coffee, and speaks in scriptures and movie quotes.

“In a world that regularly pits women against each other, we need brave souls who will fight for empathy, compassion, and celebration—rather than live in scarcity and competition. Jenn Schultz invites the reader to be brave by understanding who our true Enemy actually is and by teaching us all how to better honor the women in our lives (including ourselves). You will enjoy learning from Jenn’s generous and bighearted outlook.”
Aubrey Sampson
“Jenn Schultz writes with a beautiful transparency that is both refreshing and inviting. This book takes us on a journey to assured confidence in Christ’s love for us and provides indisputable clarity on who our real Enemy is.”
Jamie Watkins
“If you’ve ever struggled with comparison or your worth, this book is absolutely for you. In a world that tries to tell us that our identity is found in the numbers we have on social media, the rooms we’re invited to, and the tables we sit at, Jenn offers us a refreshing and much- needed message—one that is sure to free you from the insecurities you’ve been grappling with your whole life—and invites you into a new season of life with fresh confidence in who you are and who God calls you to be. This book will be one to pick up again and again.”
Alexandra Hoover

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