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Life on Life disciples children (ages 6–14) so they will love and follow Jesus, develop character qualities in response to God, and grow in life skills to prepare them to be healthy adults.

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God is calling you to win your nation’s youth to Christ, but HOW will you do it?

  • Youth under 18 are more responsive to the Gospel than adults by a margin of 4 to 1.

A David C Cook and 4/14 Movement Resource to Win Your Nation’s Youth to Christ

  • Tell the story with colorful pictures and minimal text.
  • Present an age-appropriate, interactive call to your youth to follow Jesus.
  • Want an easy way to share the Gospel? Have an iPhone or Android? Download the Story of Jesus app! The Story of Jesus contains select pages from the The Action Bible which was designed by renowned artist Sergio Cariello.

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Illustrated by DC and Marvel Comics artist Sergio Cariello, The Action Bible family of products helps children and preteens understand and connect with the timeless truth of God’s Word. Cariello was able to use his talents for the Lord when he partnered with David C Cook to develop The Action Bible. These best-selling Bible products are capturing the hearts and minds of children around the world!

Filled with graphic illustrations created in Sergio Cariello’s distinctive comic-book style, The Action Bible provides a unique and interesting way to encourage Bible engagement. Children love the action-packed illustrations and easy-to-read and accurate accounts of favorite Bible stories. Children read God’s redemptive story in a compelling format and experience God’s love through the stories of God’s people.

Leadership Development

In the Past, David C Cook equipped thousands of pastors around the world with print commentaries. As you can imagine, printing and distributing books around the globe is expensive, and in some areas, dangerous. As technology has advanced, the methods to get materials to new pastors has also changed.

In 2012, Cook began providing tiny SD cards for pastors to plug into their inexpensive mobile phones. The cards contain audio recordings of more than a dozen Bible commentaries totaling 65 hours of basic Bible training and is available in five languages: Hindi, Punjabi, Malayalam, Gujarati and Nepali. In addition, pastors can also call up text of the books on their phone screens.

One pastor excitedly told us how much this means to him. He explained that, though he leads three small churches, he must support himself by working as a carpenter. Now he is able to study while he works.

David C Cook is supporting the local Church this way in dozens of countries. Several are in places we cannot safely publicize, such as strict Islamic countries where our extensive resources are, nonetheless, reaching Christian hands.

When it comes to befriending and encouraging the Church around the world, nothing counts more helping pastors and teaching the teachers.

Technology is advancing faster than ever before. Although no longer producing SD cards, David C Cook is always seeking new ways to help local ministries disciple new believers around the world.