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Growing Volunteers: Building the Body of Christ in Ministry to Kids and Families by David C Cook Ministry Resources

We love this resource because ministry coach Byron Ragains empowers you minister TO your volunteers, not just through them. It’s a game changer! Once you’ve read it, you’ll know how crucial it is to invest in strong relationships.

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Kids Who Believe Change the World

Our Sunday school curriculum is trusted and loved around the world. We cover every corner of kids’ ministry because we believe in sharing the truth and power of Scripture with the next generation.

From New York to New Delhi, children have fallen in love with the message of the Gospel while engaging with a David C Cook product. We know that love can last a lifetime.

Events Near You

Children’s Ministry Network events are a great way to connect with ministry leader’s in your area. Learn more>

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5 Keys to Increase Bible Engagement In Your Church
Pastors, when was the last time you heard something similar to the following statements in reference to God’s Word? “It’s too intimidating.” “It’s just boring.” “It doesn’t relate to my real life.” Recent, nationwide studies on Bible engagement confirm what many of us have already realized: while Americans, and Christians, as a whole believe the... Read more »
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Create Lessons They Will Remember for a Lifetime

We don’t just write lessons — we help children’s ministry leaders tell unforgettable stories. This helps leaders of all kinds connect and minister to kids. Our curriculum is rigorously tested and fine-tuned before we release it, so it’s ready to be implemented in your kids’ program.

And it’s biblically sound. Everything we create for kids is reviewed to ensure that it is biblically accurate and theologically sound. So when you use one of our resources to teach children, you are building a strong foundation that, by the grace of God, will last a lifetime.

Action Bible Curriculum Kits

This 2-year curriculum, based on the bestselling The Action Bible®, challenges preteens to take the leap from Bible information to life transformation. The Action Bible Curriculum is designed with the understanding that preteens are seeking spiritual answers and developing their own value systems. Preteens will explore Scripture, ask questions, build relationships, and connect timeless truth to their lives today.

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