Equipping Pastors to Engage Their Churches

We know pastors create an enormous amount of content, and we have been helping them for generations. From sermons to Sunday school classes to leadership meetings, David C Cook has you covered. We provide trusted, biblically based resources for pastors around the world.

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6 Ways to HIGH-FIVE Volunteers
Volunteers. The priceless, wonderful, selfless people at your church who dive right in to whatever craziness you ask of them. The ones who are there early and who clean up late. The ones, who—no matter how many times they’ve been knocked down—keep showing up! They are key in keeping the church wheels moving. Most days,... Read more »
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Something for Every Pastor

We understand a local church is a body and every part has a unique need. That’s why we provide tools for pastors in every area of their ministry. From worship resources to outreach tools to Sunday school curriculum, we are comprehensive in our approach to supporting your church.

Survive or Thrive

Every month 1,500 pastors burn out and leave the church. Learn how to beat the odds.

The majority of pastors are not truly known—by anyone. They subconsciously isolate themselves from both staff and congregation so their insecurities, doubts, and failures aren’t exposed. Yet confiding in the wrong person can be a dead end at best and disastrous at worst.

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