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We provide resources that help women find authentic community and flourish in their spiritual lives. We have a vast library of books and resources written by bestselling authors for women on a variety of topics and issues.

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Crying child
Finding the “off button” for crying kids
Do you know your child’s personality type? With Easter events behind us, I was again touched by how hard it must have been for our Father to hear the cries of a world dead in sin and ravished by evil, but also the cry of His only Son in agony, shame and abandonment on that... Read more »
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Resources for Every Step of Your Journey

Our authors meet women where they are at in their journeys of faith. We have resources for both believers who are taking their first steps and for those who have walked with Christ for decades. These books are flexible, so a woman can study on her own or in a community of others.

Featured Product: Everyday Prayers for Everyday Cares

Fears. Faults. Failures. Frailties. Every woman at some point wonders, Do I have to get past all my weaknesses before God can use me?

Wendy Pope is happy to tell readers: No! You don’t have to overcome, correct, rise above, or get strong before you are qualified to be part of God’s plan. He can use you right now. You are a worthwhile possibility. Pope explores the life of a fearful murderer on the run with a speech problem and daddy issues—also known as Moses—to show readers God’s power and grace. As she writes, God will never count anyone out as long as they count themselves as His children.

Hidden Potential includes discussion, reflection, and Bible study questions, challenges to take readers further in their faith, and real-life stories from other women to remind readers they are not alone.


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