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More ways to strengthen faith and connection

Building on the solid foundation of Tru Ministry curriculum, these extras let you further customize the learning experience, relationship connections, and take-home opportunity at every age level.

Tru Training Slides

Tru Training

Preschool—Upper Elementary

We offer free training resources by age level, so you can take a deep dive into the philosophy, structure, and aspects of all that Tru offers. Training presentations are organized in PowerPoint slides so you can easily share them with your ministry team.

Storytelling video example
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Storytelling Videos

Actually, our storytelling videos aren’t extras — they’re included in every quarterly kit. But we’re sharing a sample here so you can see for yourself and imagine how creative storytelling can engage the children and families in your ministry.

Worship and Response stations give participants a creative way to respond to God.

Worship and Response Stations

Using simple supplies you have available, we’ll guide you to create response stations that encourage and support meeting with God. Whether in the midst of silence, interacting through an entry in a prayer journal, writing a response on a Prayer Wall, singing and dancing, or speaking Scripture out loud, this is the students’ opportunity to respond to God in a personal way. It’s about relationship—not just information learned in a lesson. Your quarterly kit will provide more information. The photos here are a glimpse of possibilities.
Megan Fate Marshman talks about "change" in ministry.
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Family Ministry Conversations

Included with your access to Tru curriculum is a video library to explore topics such as spiritually healthy families, loneliness in leadership, reaching kids with special needs, and more. In just a few minutes each, our collection of 20 short videos can provide life-changing ideas for you, your volunteers, and the families in your ministry.

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